Quality Control

The key to managing quality control programs is ensuring strict adherence
to standardized processes.

Quality Control

Sheema Automatic Re-Rolling Mills In today’s frequent changing world we realize that the biggest challenge is to ensure that our customers are always ahead of their competition. Our foresight and past experiences have enabled us to give maximum importance to our quality control team. This team check and verify the documentation of the batches of billet product and report on the parameters to meet the standard. This team is critical to our operation as the product quality will depend on the proper composition of chemicals i.e. manganese, silicon manganese, coke additives to adjust with the standard being followed. Based on the report of the team, mixture of chemicals for each batch is determined. Any negligence in ensuring the quality of the batches up to the required standard will eventually tarnish the reputation of SARM LIMITED. The quality systems are designed to deliver reliability, consistency and customization. We have robust quality control systems at each stage of the supply chain, i.e. right from procurement of raw material, processing, and up to delivery of finished goods. We endeavor to continuously upgrade our capabilities and update process controls with product checks to ensure complete customer satisfaction. The company recognizes that its employees are the primary source of success in its operations and is committed to their training, providing them with the necessary tools and techniques, as well as fostering a culture of quality in the organization at all levels. The Quality Control (QC) team will check the quality of the products before the delivery of the products ensuring the reputation of the brand and its products.
Quality control laboratory items:

a. Spectrometer with 24 channels
b. Chemical analysis laboratory
c. UTM, 1000KN
d. Metallurgical microscope
e. Brinell hardness tester

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