SARM steel upholds the principles of God Fearing, Plain Living, and High Thinking.
We specialize in producing superior steel rebar and billets to meet the needs
of today and the future.

"At the beginning, God made mankind."

“Over a millennium of intelligence, precision, hard work, and innovation led to the creation of steel, a vital element in our modern world. From skyscrapers to everyday utensils, it plays an irreplaceable role.”

The global steel industry is going through a slowdown, however there are a few countries which have performed extremely well and Bangladesh is one of them. The steel sector in Bangladesh has recorded a 15 percent growth in 2019 riding on infrastructure projects both housing and public utilities. The country is of Asia’s most emerging steel markets and has a growing need for raw materials and steelmaking technologies. In Bangladesh Government initiate to build mega project and steel Demand growing up high.

International Monthly Fund (IMF) forecasts that average GDP growth in Bangladesh in the period form 2019 to 2022 will be 7.2% which is significantly higher than many other emerging markets.
Bangladesh had about 8 million ton (mnt) of steel capacity in 2019 which grew exponentially to 1.2 bnt in 2023 and expected to grow to 1.5-2 bnt by 2024 owing www to government’s various initiatives to push steel production in the country.
SARML is committed to the quality of product and services, our moto is to ensure optimum condition and the environment, employees, customers and stakeholders.





SARM stands for Striving, Achievements, Respecting and Morality. Holding this philosophy in mind the company started its journey back in 2006 and the commercial production of the factory commenced on August 21, 2008 with an annual production capacity of M. S. Billet 84,000 metric tons and M. S. Rod 120,000 metric tons of different diameter ranges from 8 mm to 40 mm.
SARM Steel has embarked on a groundbreaking journey, revolutionizing steel manufacturing by proudly unveiling Asia’s inaugural Quantum Electric Arc Furnace and Winlink Technology. This innovative step has increased our annual production capacity to over one million tons, enabling the manufacturing of rebar and medium sections from billet to high-quality finished products. Our state-of-the-art level-2 automation system guarantees the desired standards in both quality and quantity.
SARM goes beyond financial gains, dedicating itself to sustainable practices that safeguard natural resources, promote technological advancements, nurture employee well-being, and enhance community development to prepare for the future. We prioritize eco-conscious solutions, such as rainwater harvesting, and strictly avoid underground water usage. Our Water Treatment Plant (WTP) implements a zero discharge system, achieving 100% water recycling. Additionally, our advanced de-dusting system aligns with World Bank standards, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient production process
This latest technology reduces power consumption by 2,26,800 MW electricity per year and at the same time saves natural gas consumption by 26.46 million m3 each year which meets the demands of 35,000 households per year. SARM is also taking care of its society and is committed to society by making green production facilities in its production process.
Our top-tier Human Resource Department plays a crucial role in job analysis, recruitment, employee orientation, training, salary management, and administering various benefits. We prioritize the long-term well-being of our employees, offering benefits like provident fund, gratuity, and group insurance. Furthermore, SARM is committed to enhancing the skills of our officers, staff, and workers through a range of training programs, both internal and in collaboration with local and foreign training facilities
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