Corporate Social Responsibility

SARM Steel prioritizes Corporate Social Responsibility, contributing sustainably
to communities for a positive impact beyond profit.
SARM LIMITED has put huge emphasis on its corporate social responsibilities. The social welfare activity of the entity is mainly concentrated in establishing Orphanage, Madrasa for Orphans, and Voluntary Service to the dead people through Anjuman Mufidul Islam, health, safety, donations in school and college.
SARM LIMITED always disburses large contributions through social welfare. We have a bifocal objective of making profits through the fulfillment of corporate social responsibilities. We sincerely believe in developing the community in which it operates a corporate mission embodies in itself corporate social responsibilities with the additional compulsion to make profits in order to thrive and grow which must be fulfilled in greater measure as time passes. We also encourage our corporate clients to extend their generosity to ensure the well-being of under-privileged women and children.
The steel industry does not compromise on environmental responsibility. Steel is the world’s most recycled material and 100% recyclable. We have improved steel production technology to the point where only the limits of science confine our ability to improve. As the world looks for solutions to its environmental challenges, all of these depend on steel.
In SARM Limited we are using world class Water Treatment Plant (WTP) for recycling the water for reusing and to keep the environment free from pollution

Elevating Communities, Sustainable Future SARM works for Empowering Lives

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