TMT Bars

This is a new generation high strength steel having superior properties
Thermo Mechanically Treated steel known as TMT steel can be as a new-generation-high-strength steel having superior properties such as weld ability, strength, ductility and bend ability meeting highest quality standards at international level.
Under thermo mechanical treatment (TMT) of bars, the steel bars are made to pass through a specially designed water cooling system where these are kept for such a period that outer surface of bars becomes colder while the core remains hot. This creates a temperature gradient in the bars. When the bars are token out of the cooling system, the heat flows from the core to the outer surface causing further tempering of steel bars thereby helping them in attaining higher yield strength of steel.
To decide the percentage of carbon content in steel has been a major challenge for the Engineers. While certain minimum carbon content in steel is essential to achieve the required strength, an excess of carbon content threatens its property of weld ability. In TMT bars, this problem has been eliminated. In these bars, the carbon content can be restricted to 0.2% to attain weld ability and at the same time no strength is lost on this account. The joints car be welded by ordinary electrodes and no extra precautions are required.
Another advantage of TMT bars is their tough surface providing high yield strength and a soft core providing excellent ductility. Strength, wejd ability and ductility are such properties which declare TMT steel highly economical and safe for use. An additional advantage of TMT steel is that a twisting operation is included in br steel, which subjects the bars to torsional stresses making them less corrosion resistant while TMT bars are free of such stresses thus having superior corrosion resistance.
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