MS Deformed Bar

MS Deformed Bar means steel bar with protrusions, a bar that is intended for use as reinforcement in reinforced concrete construction(RCC). Its surface provided with ribs and lugs. Longitudinal protrusion on a deformed bar called rib. Plain bar has no protrusion.
We produce two types of bars: MS Deformed Bars (Grade – 60 / BSTI 400 ) and MS Deformed Bars (Grade – 40 / BSTI 275)
These two types of deformed bars widely use as reinforcement in concrete. 60 grade and 40 grade means the minimum yield levels: namely 60000 psi [420 Mpa], 40000 psi [280 Mpa].Yield strength means the stress value which an appreciable elongation of yielding of the material takes place without any corresponding increase in load. The maximum load reached in a tensile test divided by the cross-sectional area calculated on the basis of the nominal dia of the bar.

Production Procedure of “SARM” D-Bars

Billets are heated properly in a re-heating furnaces for rolling. The higher the temperature of the steel the more plastic it would be and therefore the greater the ease with which it could be mechanically worked. The billet have to be uniformly heated to the order of 1200ºc before mechanical treatment . The object of the hot working is to refine crystal structure of steel, weld blow-holes and to impart toughness to the material. Cold working on the other hand, distorts the grains, it increase strength but decreases ductility and induces brittleness if carried beyond a certain stage.
Properly heated billets passes through the pairs of rolls in roughing mill in order to reduce the section of the billet. Larger diameter rolls with high strength and rigidity uses in roughing mill due to high frictional force occurs at the time of first reduction work. After completion of few passes the steel reduced in shape but increased in length moves to the intermediate mill. After several passes through the pairs of rolls in intermediate mill, section of the steel reduced further and the mechanism drives the steel to the finishing mill. Here the steel complete its final passes through the pairs of rolls again having shape of desired diameter and surface finishing of MS DEFORMED BARS goes to the cooling bed for cutting in specific desire length . Bars with surface imperfections or flaws separate instantly by our quality checkers. We usually cut each bar 40 ft in length may cut in different length as per order of the purchaser.
It is highly important that, steel bars produced by re-rolling finish products of by rolling material whose metallurgical properties or lot-wise chemical composition and mechanical properties is not known and not fully documented particularly. So bars re-rolled directly from SHIP BREAKING MATERIAL are outside the scope of this standard. Steel bar made of billets is comparatively better in quality and strength for concrete reinforcing, where a purchaser can save 30% steel cost by using 60 grade MS DEFORMED BAR for his construction instead of bars made of ship breaking material.

Specialty of “SARM” MS Deformed Bars

Produce by MS billets of our steel plant with fully automatic machinery in accordance with international grade and standards.
Minimum yield strength 60000 psi and minimum ultimate strength 90000 psi for 60 GRADE MS DEFORMED BARS. Minimum yield strength 40000 psi and minimum ultimate strength 70000 psi for 40 GRADE MS DEFORMED BARS. Maximum bonding strength.Economy in consumption of steel by saving about 30% than scrap made bars.Reliable, Economic with greatest Safety for all kinds of reinforcement works. Reasonable price and heartiest customer service for entire satisfaction of the users. SPECIFICATION OF DEFORMED BAR:BAR SIZE, NOMINAL WEIGHTS, DIMENSIONS etc.
DescriptionStandard/IS:1786, Fe 415SARM TMT Re-Bars Local Re-Bars
0.2% proof stress, min Mpa415.0 500.0415
Ultimate tensile strength, min Mpa485.0575.0485
% Elongation, min14.51614.5
Bend3D to 4D3D to 4D3D to 4D
Re-Bend5D to 7D5D to 7D5D to 7D
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